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I. announcement of Vekor-conference
(April 25–27, 2017.)
application form of Vekor-conference
(April 25–27, 2017.)
program and time-table of Vekor-conference (April 8–10, 2014.)

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The VEKOR Conference in the year 2017 will be held on
25–27 April
in Balatonfüred, Hotel Flamingó****.

The spa hotel on the shores of Lake Balaton is an ideal location for finding new business partners and wide range advertising of products. At the end of the professional programs good atmosphere conversations and for relaxation wellness services make the conference memorable.

The purposes of the Conference are the propagation of up-to-date and effectual knowledge for corrosion prevention, and introduction of the latest researches, developments and specifications. Mutual exchange of experience and the information about the products and technological procedures. The conference can be part of refresher course for quality assurance and quality management systems.

The topics of the Conference: the conference mainly covers the following disciplines: corrosion protection, electrochemistry, mechanical engineering, materials science, environmental protection, quality control. Lectures will be presented about processes of corrosion, methods of protection and practical experiences. Thus lectures are expected in the topic of practice and diagnostic of cathodic protection, new paints, technology and control of coating works, advanced testing methods, corrosion problems of water supply and the current state of corrosion education. New specifications, legislations and standards will be introduced. The lectures are followed by discussion where participants are completing the lectures.


List of Participant Companies at the last VEKOR Conference in April 2017

A-Híd Zrt.
BPW-Hungária Kft.
CorrProtect Bt.
Energiatudományi Kutatóközpont (EK)
Eötvös Loránd Kutatási Hálózat, MTA-BME Kompozittechnológiai Kutatócsoport
Fémtiszta Kft.
Firecomplex Kft.
FLS Thermoplastic Bevonattechnika Kft.
Interv Kft.
Jupiter Reál Kft. – Loctite
Knott Technik-Flex Kft.
Korr-Szak Bt.
Korteszt Méréstechnika Kft.
Mátrapromet Kft.
Metalchem Kft.
Minden-korr Bt.
MOL Nyrt.
MOL Nyrt. Termelés és Állapotfelügyelet
MOL Petrolkémia Zrt.
MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt.
Nordic-Chem Kft.
Paint Tech Group Kft.
Panen Kft.
Pearlfect Kft.
Recycolor Kft.
RozsdaLovag Kft.
Sherwin Williams
Techno-Wato Kereskedőház Kft.
Tiszamenti Regionális Vízművek Zrt.
TreMonvTrade Kft.
Vekor Kft.
Zahradnik GmbH