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History of Vekor Ltd.

In the Research Institute for Heavy Chemical Industries that was founded in 1949 the Corrosion Department was established in 1950 and has been operating since that time. Cathodic protection was introduced and made widespread in Hungary by this successful intellectual workshop, where also several new coating systems and inhibitors - held now in high esteem - have been developed. The Department performed fundamental work for organizing corrosion prevention in Hungary. In 1961 this department founded the organization “VEKOR” (meaning Corrosion Organization of Chemical Industry). The Department also edited and published the journal “Korróziós Figyelő” (Corrosion Observer), which is acknowledged worldwide and is the only Hungarian journal dealing exclusively with corrosion matters.

The experts of the Corrosion Department of the Institute continue their work in VEKOR Ltd., which was established on 13. December 1991 by 13 Hungarian private persons.

VEKOR Ltd. semiannually organizes conferences for the experts of corrosion protection working both in industry and in research. By operating the organization “VEKOR” the Company for a small annual fee helps its partners to find their potential customers and contractors.

By editing and publishing the scientific and technical review “Korróziós Figyelő” the Company provides a professional forum for researchers and technical experts - as well as a forum for business organizations to advertise their products. Our Ltd. gives financial assistance to promote professional publications - being a publisher of such itself - and also deals with the organizing of professional courses.

Based on their rich experience the fellow workers in the course of performing damage analysis determine causes of corrosion failures and help to prevent losses arising of these defects.

In the research laboratory electrochemical, metallographical and other methods are applied for the study of corrosion processes.

Based on a soil corrosion survey, the corrosion of tanks and pipelines may be prevented by the planning and implementation of required cathodic protection according to specific needs, and by systematic control of the equipment. VEKOR Ltd. performs significant work in this field.

Activities range from scientifically based planning through the realization of protection to continuous operation complemented also by producing appliances for cathodic protection. We supply long-life reference electrodes and protecting anodes to our clients at a short notice.

In selecting of specific coating systems for different applications and in the course of deciding on the adaptation of coating technologies, the most up-to-date testing equipment is used by our Company. Supervising of the coating technology constitutes an important part of VEKOR LTD’s activities on behalf of the investors or eventually on behalf of the contractor. The most powerful Hungarian companies (MÁV, MOL) have frequently required our assistance as of top supervisors in similar issues.

The increase of annual returns of VEKOR Ltd. has been above the inflation rate, which also means that the income of the Company by 1999 has increased from the initial 8 M HUF to 70 M. We cooperate with a substantial number of clients and partners; receive over 120 individual members participating regularly at our conferences; the number of member companies of the VEKOR Organization is 9 (see their listing).

Before realizing a construction it is recommended to supervise execution plans in order to avoid unpleasant surprises due to corrosion damages in the completed construction. Concerning this aspect, VEKOR Ltd. undertakes to make studies related to environmental issues of constructions as well. Our analytical laboratory performs quality analysis and environmental testing at a very high level.

VEKOR Ltd. continues its predecessor’s activities in the field of selecting inhibitors for cooling systems and in the qualification of refrigerating solutions.

The mechanic workshop possesses great experience in the metal work concerning stainless steels. The stainless steel fittings and equipment are finished with the cleaning and passivating material “VEREX” that was also developed by VEKOR Ltd. Paste and emulsion “VEREX” are widely used in the whole country instead of the no better but considerably more expensive foreign products.

The VEKOR Ltd. operates a Quality Managing System according to standard EN ISO 9001:2000 certified by DET NORSKE Veritas. The Coating Testing Laboratory of VEKOR Ltd. applies the regulations of MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2001 national standard too. The certification of suitability is numbered NAT–1–1214/2003 by National Accreditation Corporation.

Member companies of the VEKOR Organization
(January 1, 2013.)

Color Service Kft./Sigma Coatings, Budapest
Duna Menti Regionális Vízmű Zrt., Vác
GYŐRLAKK Festékgyártó Rt., Győr
HEMPEL Magyarországi Fióktelepe, Budapest
HENELIT International Kft., Székesfehérvár – HENELIT GmbH, Ausztria
KLEIN Műszaki Kereskedelmi Kft., Esztergom
MÁV FKG Felépítménykarbantartó és Gépjavító Kft., Jászkisér
MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt., Paks
SPRAY-TECH Kft., Budapest

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Soil corrosion expertation, planning and building cathodic protection systems >>>
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DNV-GL Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2008